A state-of-the-art machine fleet

In a sector that is constantly evolving, our machine fleet reflects the most advanced technology. This allows us not only to meet our customers' machining and turning requirements, but also to guarantee optimal quality for any type of parts, orders and projects.

CNC machining centers
CNC lathes
Surface grinding machine
Wire-cutting EDM
Quality control / Metrology


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Atelier SMES

Our services

In order to better meet the needs of our customers, we offer a range of customized services, which provide us with greater flexibility and optimal reactivity in the management of the orders we are entrusted with.

Customs clearance (for Switzerland)

As an approved company for the international export of goods, we can proceed to the administrative formalities of customs clearance directly on our production site, which enables us to be extremely reactive and thus to save precious time in the delivery of your orders.

Invoicing in foreign currency

At the request of our customers, we can establish estimates and invoice the corresponding orders in the currency of their choice. Our goal: tailoring our services to the needs of our customers and ensuring their satisfaction!

On-site delivery

When time matters most, we offer our customers to deliver their parts directly to their premises. If it is a local order, we take care of that type of delivery personally. In the case of national or international deliveries, we choose, in agreement with our customers, a formula adapted to the urgency and the specificities of the order (specialized transport company, postal or courier services, etc.).

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Treatments and finishes

We offer a wide range of treatments and finishes that meet imposed technical specifications, thus guaranteeing optimal conditions of use.

Heat treatments

Carburizing, hardening / tempering, nitriding

Surface treatments

Anodizing, hard anodizing, chromating, phosphating, zinc plating, burnishing, chrome plating, nickel plating, tribofinishing, sandblasting, thread inserts, decorative coating, painting


Our Speed Shop service

A dedicated service to meet your urgent demands
*Under certain conditions

Our commitments to reduce our impact on the environment


Energy efficiency

Since 2019, all of our workshops have been ventilated thanks to an adiabatic cooling system, allowing us to reduce our energy consumption while guaranteeing optimum working comfort for our staff. And in the coming months, solar panels will decidedly make our buildings environmentally-friendly for the years to come.


Waste repurposing

The industrial oils and lubricants we use as part of our activity are little biodegradable as such. That’s why they are collected and processed by an approved company in order to be recycled and regenerated to give them back their initial properties and thus obtain new lubricants. They can also be repurposed in the form of energy.


Environmental impact

Thanks to our ongoing investments in cutting-edge machinery and equipment, we favor production methods that meet increasingly stringent environmental standards in terms of materials and thus contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.